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About Us

/Noun/: Combination Of Tiger & Gandalf. Two Fluff Balls That Inspired The Founder, Ayşe.

Handcrafted Jewelry In Melbourne

Ayse Siper is the proprietor of Tigalf Jewellery, a small jewellery business that currently operates at the St Kilda Craft Market and Queen Victoria Market and specialises in the creation of hand-made jewellery pieces.

Our Story

The business was founded five years ago by Ayse, initially as a hobby however within a period of two years and a mountain of trial and error experiences, Tigalf Jewellery became Ayşe’s full-time job as design and artistry was her first and foremost passion.

The business name and brand identity were borne from a mix of Ayşe’s cats, Tiger and Gandalf that she describes as the two fluff balls that constantly delivered love and joy to her. She split the names of Tiger and Gandalf and formed Tigalf™ in the hope that the happiness they brought to her would instinctively translate into inspiration and creativity to build and sustain the range of jewellery that she was seeking to create.

Tigalf Jewellery specialises in the design and creation of unique, stylish and distinctive earrings, produced from a range of diverse materials, that include enamel, fabric, glass, gold, plywood, resin and wood.

Each concept is uniquely crafted with love, passion, and commitment to her artistic expression at Ayşe’s home studio in Melbourne.

Tigalf designs are eclectic and experimental in terms of style and mix of materials with a huge emphasis on colour.





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